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A multi- media artist combining writing, drawing painting, ceramics, music and dance, to create an interactive art installation that embodies freedom and allows for the expression of the soul through the truth of ones story. 

Katey Branch

Life Artist  |  Author


"I am humbled by the experience of being an artist. The internal callings and challenges to listen and open to what wants to be birthed through me, continues to excite and awe me. I use a wide variety of mediums to celebrate the deep, receptive, sensual, creative life force within each of us."  -Katey Branch

The theme that is seen consistently through Katey's multi-media works & creations is the receptive, nurturing, sensual and intuitive energies that we all have access to. Her path has taken her into the healing arts as a massage therapist at Halls Pond Healing Arts, where she helps guide people back into their bodies for healing. As such, her art and creations stem from the same energy and belief, that when we are connected to our Nature, we begin to heal ourselves and others. 

With the new release of her Memoir, "Waking up to Wonder: Bringing Heaven Down to Earth", Katey is revealing a more intimate and in-depth understanding of her story, journey, and purpose. She is ready, and excited, to merge the many layers of her story into an experience that can help others speak out, feel, interpret, and express their own stories, and find connection through it All. 

"Waking up to Wonder:

Bringing Heaven Down to Earth"

A Memoir by Katey Branch

Stay Tuned for Release Date

Waking Up to Wonder is a memoir, that uses prose, art and poetry to bring readers into a more visceral experience of my journey of pushing back against a conservative upbringing to intentionally live outside the cultural norm. Raised in a southern fundamentalist home, I discovered my true spirituality and relationship to the divine when I broke free from the church and stepped fully into nature. Watching whales breach in the ocean and hearing messages from the streams I found connection to divinity. Waking Up to Wonder shares some intimately defining moments along my path in hopes of inspiring others to share their stories too.

An interactive art installation & book tour in celebration of "Waking up to Wonder", available for booking in the US. 

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